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We thrive to bring innovation to finance based on AI & Data technology.


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Total AUM
215 billion
2022. 05 Update
Number of Doomoolmori's 
Consulting Accounts

Number of Accumulated
Doomoolmori Customers


We Thrive,
Building History


May         Launched ‘Boolio Invest’, a ChatGPT plugin

Mar         Launched 'Boolio Alpha', an AI stock portfolio investment service

Feb         Obtained Stock Investment Advisory License

                Applied for Patent on Tax-saving Optimization by Utilizing Direct Indexing


Dec         Won the ‘Enterprise Grand Prize' in 'Direct Indexing' Service Innovation

Oct         Selected as ‘Baby Unicorn 200' by The Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Jul          Received the top rating of "Very Excellent (TI-2)" in the Investment

               Technology Credit Rating (TCB)

Jun         Launched a Beta Service called 'Tailor', the first Direct Indexing Solution 

May       Achieved Top Performance Ranking for 'Kiwoom Boolio Global Multi-Asset

               EMP Fund' (EMP funds with assets under management (AUM) of over 1 billion


               Reached KRW 204 billion in Total AUM


Aug        Selected by 'F10', a Europe/Singapore based global acceleration program

Jul          Patent* Pending Stage with AI investment
                          *Portfolio providing apparatus, method and computer program for asset allocation
                          *Portfolio management apparatus and method for asset allocation

Jan          Completed the Financial Supervisory Service's cloud-use report using AWS
                for the first time in the financial investment industry.


Nov         Attracted investment for Series A (KRW 3.8 billion)

Sep          Reached KRW 150 billion in Total AUM

Jul            Designated as 'Innovative Financial Service' by the Financial Services

                 Commission of South Korea

Feb          Reached KRW 100 billion in Total AUM


Dec          Launched Boolileo Mobile Application


Sep          Selected as one of KB STARTERS by KB Bank, the biggest bank in S.Korea

Jul            Reached KRW 50 billion in Total AUM 

Feb           Raised KRW 1.5billion through Wadiz Cloud Funding (the lagest amount in                      the shortest amount of time)


Dec          Venture Enterprise Certification (extended)

Apr           Founded Doomoolmori investment Advisory

                 Attracted KRW 800 million in investments

Jan           Selected for 3rd Hanhwa DREAMPLUS by hanwha Life


Apr           Attracted investment from the investor group including the Turning Point                      (KRW 400 million)

Feb           Selected for 3rd Shinhan FUTURE'S LAB

Jan            Launched Boolio


Dec          Venture Enterprise Certification (Initial)

                 Selected as 2016 Star Brand by Maeil Business News Korea

                 (Robo-advisor category)

Apr          Launched ELS Research 


Sep          Founded Doomoolmori

Greetings from the CEO

Our A.I. Solutions help you drive your Investment Autonomously 
in a Comfortable way.

We analyze data, not only the finance but on our customers as well. We factor their lives and happiness in our solutions.


Doomoolmori believes our success must be of many successes of our community and the industry. We are open to any partnership opportunity to better our customers’ lives. Our door is always open. Please contact us for any opportunity to work with you. We will reach out to you shortly.

Doomoolmori Co., Ltd.

5F, ilyang building annex, 301, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea

[email protected]

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Doomoolmori Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.

4F, ilyang building annex, 301, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, 
Seoul, Republic of Korea

[email protected]

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